Moving Into My New Flat


So I've moved places! At the end of last month I moved into my new rented flat in the same building and away from my old place that was only half the size of my new one!

I am very happy with the change and love that I have much more space on my walls now that I can taint with the things I love. In this post I'm not showing you all of my place, just the spaces that are completely set up by now. The rest is to come at a later time, it's pretty much still in the process of getting decorated.

Right above my bed you'll find a poster of my favourite German indie band "Annenmaykantereit" from their album cover. On the wall right by my bed you'll see the photo gallery with pictures of me and friends and postcards from the places I've been to and some that were sent to me by friends when they were in vacation. My photo gallery is far from complete but I wanted to show you what it looks like anyway.

And of course I couldn't keep the plants out. There's something really aesthetic and refreshing to have a plant in your place. You just have to remember to treat them well and not to forget about them.

The O'Donnell posters were pickups from the tattoo convention in my town earlier this year because my friend bought some of their spirits range. I thought they were super pretty and kept them ever since.

I got the huge and beautiful vintage clock from Nanunana, a rather famous shop for vintage stuff here in Germany. It didn't cost the world, either.

Many of you asked what bed sheets I have since I've had it on multiple photos of mine before. It's this one from IKEA. You're welcome. (Yes I love it so much I bought three of the same one.)

Now that my place has become such a pretty, happy place for me, I quite enjoy getting home after work, uni and any nighttime adventures. What are your essentials for your happy place?

Until then - stay groovy,

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