Mixtape: On The Highway


How's it going, lovelies?

Different from my playlist for road trips that I will post here soon, I've been dying to show you the playlist I made when I was travelling to other cities, be it in Germany or outside of Germany. These songs just really give me the trip vibes and accompanied me during rides on highways across the country.

Oh we don't know the roads that we're heading down
We don't know if we're lost, that we'll find a way
We don't know if we leave, will we make it home
We don't know, there's hope, then we'll be okay 
– We Don't Know // The Strumbellas

We were walking in the streets of Paris
I was pouring me out and drinking you in
Girl, you look so European
Yeah, we were dancing in the streets of Paris 
– Streets of Paris // Will J. Cook

Blame it on your summer dress
Blame it on the city air

Blame it on everything or anything
See I wouldn't care 
– Cities // Nat & Alex Wolff

Big dreams we're running out of steam
Say bye or say hello
To bright lights
We're running in the night
We're running 
– 123Hope // Tom Rosenthal

Hopefully you enjoyed the playlist as much as I did (and obviously still do). What are your go to songs for road trips and highway rides? Let me know!

Until then - stay groovy,

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