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So since my third semester is starting on the 4th of October, I thought I'd look for stationary online and holy noodles, I'm in love. I have purchased some of these actually and the rest is still on my wish list. Well here's the stationary heaven I'm talking about and I can assure you I am so looking forward to going back to uni, you don't even understand.

I've always been a huge sucker for pretty notebooks, even though I never really know what to write in them because they're just too pretty to be smudged with my awful quick writing and my weird doodles. But I do enjoy jotting down notes or exercises in them because I enjoy writing into pretty notebooks and I love reading my notes in pretty notebooks so I guess it's definitely a perk to own them.

Ringbinders are a big must-have for me at college since I like to have them subjects in one binder so I won't forget anything every day. It's not as much of a bulk of notes anymore as I used to have in high school so this actually works out for me now. Also, those file dividers definitely help and add a gorgeous look to your notes.

A huge weekly planner pad is so good to have since I see it everytime I'm at my desk at home and it's big and pretty and just there in case you have to jot down any notes quickly. Nowadays I make use of it pretty often as it always catches my eye once I get home.

And if you're a to do list writer like me and just LOVE writing lists, to do list pads are the thing for you, especially if your lists tend to be long for the day. Very handy to me and I definitely love using them list pads.

Have you started college yet? What are your must-haves for the semester? Let me know in the comments!

Until then - stay smart,

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