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First of all I feel like giving a definition on the word introvert because I’ve seen many introverts being misunderstood and I’ve seen the term being looked upon as if it was a name for some kind of disease.

On the other hand the term has already evolved everywhere and is now one of the most detailed personality trait, probably of you and me and many other people.

Do keep in mind that it is not supposed to put you in a box but help you understand that you’re not the only one feeling the way you feel and that there is simply a term for it so you don’t have to explain loads to people who don’t get your ways of living.

So according to the urban dictionary, being an introvert means:

· Being the opposite of an extrovert. Duh.

· Being someone who is energized by spending time alone and who doesn’t mind spending much time alone

· Being someone who likes to think and immerse oneself in one’s own thoughts

Now this is very important:

Contrary to popular belief, not all introverts are shy! Yes, you read that right. Some introverts may even have great social lives and love talking and meeting with their friends. But they simply need time to be on their own, too, to “recharge” after any social situation because socializing can cause them distress and drain their energy.

So that is me. I am an introvert and I am a hundred percent sure of this statement. Sometimes I may feel like an extrovert but that is wrong – I’m just an introvert on a “good day” in that case.

When did I realize I was an introvert?

I’ve always known that I was quieter than other people, that I’m not too outgoing and don’t mind spending Friday nights at home. I thought maybe I was just boring. But it wasn’t like I lead a boring life. I had my fair share of issues and I’ve gone on trips and on holiday and parties and bars and have met strangers and connected with them for a long time. I talk and laugh and make jokes and am a sarcastic piece of poo which surprises a lot of people.

I’ve always been that friend that was more reserved, never one to be in the middle, but sometimes I was and sometimes I am! I just need to warm up to people, I suppose. And one day this personality test spread across Tumblr and I thought, hey, why not? I don’t know who the hell I am so let’s find out.

So I found out I am in fact an introvert and I read a bunch about being one. I’ve read loads of articles like “XY Things Only Introverts Understand” and videos and more articles.

How is it like, being an introvert?

1. I enjoy spending a lot of time alone and I don’t mind and I don’t feel lonely.

2. I cannot spend too much time with people, even if I love them to death. I always need to recharge after a few days of having a friend over at mine. That does not imply I was annoyed in any way. Just always need a break once in a while.

3. I tend to take walks across my local park or go to an empty platform at night looking over the city to think when nobody is there.

4. I get happy when I make plans with friends and am excited. It might happen that once I’m there, I would feel drained because I’ve already lost all energy from socializing with others before that certain event.

5. The more enthusiastic I am about an event or gathering or whatever plan in that very moment, the more I need to “recharge” after that.

6. Sometimes I don’t reply for days, no matter who you are.

7. Sometimes I don’t feel like going out with friends anymore on a really exhausted and drained day so I might cancel plans. Or tell you I won’t be much fun.

8. My mood depends on the people I hang out with. The more I feel like I have to “impress” somebody, the more draining it gets for me.

9. Sometimes I sleep a really long time and stay in bed all day after days of socializing.

10. I don’t have a problem with socializing and get along pretty well with anyone I respect.

11. I am misunderstood; people think I just don't like going out or feel uncomfortable with going out so sometimes they don't invite me out at all. 

What do I want to tell other people about being an introvert?

I’m not rude, unfriendly, stuck up or bitchy. I do not only keep to myself but also open up to people I trust. I can make jokes and laugh a lot. I’m not scared of getting out there. I’m not mad or depressed or anti-social at all. I just need to step back and not talk to anyone for a while and get a break. That’s it. And that is okay.

So that's about me. Now it's your turn. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, I am dying to read them already. Also feel free to write your own #PersonalityTag on your own blog! I even encourage you to do so. 

Until then - stay yourself,

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