August Update + Favourites


So what have I been up to this August? I've been moving! That's basically everything, to be honest. A major change nevertheless. I moved from an 18 qm small flat into a 30 qm big flat in the same building. Luckily I didn't have to carry much around or drive around town. I basically just had to push things down the hall to move my stuff in my new flat. But since it's much bigger now, I bought a lot of new things as well, so in the end I did end up driving around town anyway. Now everything is in place and looking pretty. A flat tour is coming soon!

By the way, today is this blog's 1st anniversairy! This is crazy, to be honest. I've been writing on here for a year now (and probably about 4 years on and off on multiple other blogs). And to celebrate it, I've changed the design to unclutter my blog. Hopefully it worked and hopefully you'll like it! Now onto the faves this month:

  • This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire. Wonderful, relatable book, consisting of messages from all over the world. Great writing and heartwrenching context about love, loving and longing and leaving. Inspired me to write a letter to my crush and actually send it. He received it.
  • I finally purchased my Kanken Backpack because it was on sale on Amazon when I looked it up a few weeks back and I am in love! I love how light it feels on my back and I'm not kidding, all the stuff feels much heavier on my other backpacks - probably because I've only ever had one quality backpack so far. It looks small but I swear by its quality. Now my Kanken is my best friend wherever I go.
  • Since I'm still on semester break, I've started to watch the show Dexter and am already almost through. My friends told me to leave the second half of Season 8 be because I'd be disappointed so I am kind of pushing that back a bit. But the show itself is seriously addicting! The show is basically about a forensics expert who works for the police but at the same time hunts down serial killers - to murder them before they can get caught.
  • I've been enjoying the game apps Memorado and Peak lately! Both are brain training games and they're free! If you feel like keeping your brain active and quickywitty, you should totally try these as they have simple but fun exercises.You can download them on the App Store and Google Play. 
What have you been up to this month? 

Until then - stay groovy,

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