About The Time I Got Catfished : Part I


Ever seen the MTV Show Catfish? It's a reality show on MTV by Nev Schulman who, along with his camera buddy Max Joseph, seeks to help people find their online romance who seem to not be who they say they are. Nev himself was catfished before and his brother and a friend filmed the whole thing, making it into a big hit documentary called Catfish.

Well, if you're familiar with the show, you'll know that the act of catfishing people means to lure someone into a relationship by making a fake profile with a fake identity on social media. So the catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they're not by using pictures of someone else and using a different name, age.

Well, in the last post I mentioned that I was catfished for almost two years and just recently found out about who was really behind the fake profile. Some of you were interested in hearing about that story and I am very excited to share it, not because it makes a good story but because there are still many many people out there who are being catfished and whose trust has been crushed by this act.

I don't remember the exact time but I know the exact place where I stumbled across some guy called Dominik. Back then in 2013, I had a Twitter account following all different kinds of fandoms. I was bored, I was a teenager, I was a proper fangirl. So back then everyone just followed everyone and there was that. I talked to some people but never really got close to them because, well, I've met them over the Internet.

But then one day my timeline was spammed by this guy Dominik who was answering questions on his ask.fm and was automatically posting them onto his Twitter. I grew curious and visited his Twitter. I must have been really, really bored because I started talking to him on Ask.fm as well and left some random questions. We began talking after that and we constantly ended up pushing each other to the daily Twitter direct message limit.

This way we became closer and before you know it, we text 24/7 and we've become Internet best friends. His online girlfriend that time whose name I won't say on here, got a ton of hate on her ask.fm site, which I till now don't understand. But of course Dominik and I got a ton of hate as well, since it looked like he was neglecting his girlfriend by talking so much with me. At that point he had sent me presents and letters (yes, I was stupid to even give out my address. Don't do it!) and such and he hadn't even done it with his girlfriend yet.
So yeah, a lot of drama broke out and I kept defending their relationship and no, I wasn't having feelings for Dominik and no, I wasn't trying to break them up.

At this point I knew they had never met in real life before. The first red flag was the fact that we were both living in Germany but for some reason just talked in English (I talk in English with my real life bestie as well, even though we're both in Germany, but that's different). Like he would sometimes say stuff in German but we would automatically go back to English because that was how we met.

Dominik sent me voice messages and audios of him singing with guitar, sent several selfies at random times and I never questioned anything.

Then everything kind of got dark as we began to talk about more serious topics. When I was 13 I'd lost a friend to suicide and that's what I told him and that's exactly why I always worried about him whenever he said he was feeling really down (he was suicidal and had depression). As a good friend of course I kept talking to him and trying to make him feel better. At this point I had even cancelled plans I had with real life friends because I could only talk to him with wi-fi and I didn't have internet outside the house.

I gradually grew emotionally attached to him and was worried a lot because of his depression and because of his hospital visits. Both of his parents had died, he'd always had an abusive father figure and he was diagnosed with cancer. I just wanted to be a good friend and honestly cared a lot about him because he'd been with me through hard times as well. And if someone talks about suicide, you don't ignore that. 

This went on for almost half a year and one day I typed in his name Dominik in the Twitter search bar to look at his profile (I was too lazy to type in his username) and immediately some other guy named Dominik Klein popped up and he had the same exact pictures and more that my Dominik had sent me. My mind started racing and I grew more and more mad as I scrolled down Dominik Klein's page. He's a German youtuber who covers songs and travels a lot. On YouTube I found his covers that Dominik had sent me in snippets.

Of course I immediately confronted him about it and he apologized constantly and explained everything to me. Only that that wasn't everything. But I didn't know it yet at this point. His real name was Mathias Huygen, from the Netherlands, he has younger siblings and was too insecure to show his real face. He'd made that Twitter fanboy account for fun and was caught up when he got in a relationship with his online gf and when he grew close with me as friends and then didn't know what to do.

I thought about it for a day, then told him to tell his online girlfriend. Of course I was upset, but she was in a relationship with him and she deserved to know it more. He asked for more time to figure it out but I was so enraged, I told her myself. They broke up right after that.

The story continues and gets even crazier but I figured I would divide this into several parts, otherwise it would just turn into a novel (which it probably is). So Part II is on its way and I hope you enjoyed reading this.

What are your thoughts? Should I have forgiven him or should I have left him right away? Do YOU have a Catfish experience? I'm dying to know in the comments.

Until then - keep your eyes open,

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