What I've Been Up To & Current Favourites


Since I've been gone for some time, I thought I'd give you a short update on what I've been up to lately. Some favorites are included as well. I'm more than glad to be back to blogging and writing in general!
  • After one year of finding out, I finally figured out who was behind the profile that catfished me for almost two years. (If you'd like to read more about this, do tell me in the comments and I'll write about it!) 
  • I have been helping my mother and sister to prepare for their big move in a whole new town.
  • I've been preparing my own move to another, bigger flat. 
  • I finished my exams for my second semester at uni but I've only got one result so far. Crossing fingers as I wait for the rest to come out! 
  • My phone has been broken and I am currently still waiting for my new one to come to mama. 
  • I started learning Korean! Hangul, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary - Just everything. Also my love for the south-korean group EXO has intensified since their latest album release Ex'act. 
  • I started my internship at a German travel agency and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I sit at a desk, browsing through the internet for hotels to contact most of the time but it doesn't get boring, ever. 
  • My work at the airport still keeps me busy but I learn a lot from it and try to be more aware since the news of a 15 year old girl setting off alone on a plane to Istanbul broke out. I don't think she's been found yet. 
  • I've finally watched the show Misfits and absolutely love it because it's kind of a mixture between Skins and Heroes? Which I really enjoy. But I only got up to Season 2 because I've read before that the show goes downhill from there because of a new cast. 
  • The Messy Heads magazine has finally arrived and I LOVE READING IT. Sometimes I just browse through it because it is just so aesthetically pleasing. I would definitely recommend this cute magazine, the current issue talks about self-love. 
  • I've been very much enjoying listening to the German Indie Band AnnenMayKantereit and also to the lovely Dodie Clark whom I adore so much for her harmonies and soft voice and her honesty and her duets with Jon
  •  I've been journaling almost every day these days. It helps a lot with sorting out my head.
  • Also, sorting out my finances and plans has helped a lot with my organization – which is something I definitely needed to get back on track after a "darker" period of life. (Post about this coming up!) 
I think this might be it for now! At least I can't seem to think of other stuff right now. What have you been up to? 

Until then – stay safe, 

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