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I've been gone for a long time (almost two months I think) and the only reason I can name for my absence is that life is not so nice sometimes. I've gone through personal dilemmas lately and I haven't even been feeling like myself so I figured to go on a hiatus indefinitely. 

I think I've finally got it figured out a little.

So this time I decided to share with you something I wrote whilst taking a break in a small coffee shop in my town. It is one piece of many from my non-fictional and poetry based collection that I will have published soon.

This is O.K., a monologue. (lower case intended)
it's okay. i'm okay. everyone fucking is.
you just pull yourself through it.
you don't give up. you just get by somehow and there's that.
because you are strong and you have a life and you live that life and you experience shit times and experience fucking amazing times.
people are going to break your heart and then build it up again. people will fucking spit on it and also smash it up but it doesn't matter.
because you still have a heart. you have one and you love with it. you laugh with it and you fucking cry with it.
you give bits away and you get bits back.
you have a life and a whole fucking planet to yourself. you have incredible passions and you have mesmerizing music.
you are part of the world. and no day is like any other.
so keep going.
the days won't wait for you, they will run out eventually. they're yours, so take them.

I hope you forgive me for my absence. I'm very happy to be back! How have you been doing?

Until then – stay groovy,

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