May Favourites


Long time no see, folks! I've been so incredibly occupied with all possible kinds of bits and bobs but now I'm here to show you what I've been absolutely loving this past month.

The weather has gotten so much warmer and I seriously need to consider buying myself a ventilator for my home and maybe also for whilst walking around.

Big plans ahead, I've decided to transfer uni (just uni, I'm staying with my major Tourism & Event management!), I'm moving into a bigger flat this August / September and my mum and my sister are joining me in this gorgeous town, they're moving here as well!

There's so much to do and prepare still but that did not stop me from obsessing over various things. Here we go.


  • 3096 Days by Natascha Kampusch: the brave woman who was abducted for 3096 days in her childhood and was able to escape wrote this moving, heartfelt story about her time being held.
  • The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin: Rubin wrote a wonderful book about becoming happier and how to start your own happiness project for those who strive to be more happy and get more out of life. I found this book very interesting and fascinating, but also very motivational as I started my own happiness project myself! If you have questions about it or want me to tell you about my Happiness Project, feel free to comment below and I'll gladly enlighten you about it in another post!


  • 5th season of Catfish, the TV Show: I mean, when is Catfish not in my Favourites? This season is mind blowing and so exciting as ever.
  • "Thirteen" – a BBC mini series about a girl who was abducted and escapes after thirteen years one day to find home and struggle with the life she's had before but was now completely changed. This great cast blew my mind, and the writing was perfect. I got the chills and sat on edge, and watched all episodes in one go. I think this show might have been based on Natascha Kampusch's story.
  • Dr. House: the show I never really watched for some reason but now grew to love. 


There's only one K-Drama that I've been able to finish this month and it has definitely beaten my other favourites so far: Descendants Of The Sun

I was sceptical about the drama before I even read the synopsis. I thought it was just some kind of war drama but it's so much more than that, there's romance, a lot of action, great twists and the writing was fantastic. 

And what's there to say about Song Joong Ki? He's just such an amazing actor and I'm so happy for him to have come this far. 


  • McKenna's May Favourites have me bawling because everything is so cute. I bought the Messy Heads magazine after watching the video and am so excited to receive it.
  • Now, this acapella cover of Pillowtalk by the amazing(!) Vanderbilt Melodores is breathtaking. I got shivers when the micless part came on, not gonna lie.


I started journaling again and now write an entry every day to jot my thoughts and moments down that I don't want to forget. And it helps a lot with being overwhelmed by all the change and relationships. For that I usually use notebooks from Paperchase

What have you been enjoying this month? Do you know any of the listed things? Happy June to everyone!

Until then – stay groovy,
Hannie Arden

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