Travelling with your best friend


Hitting the roads with your dearest travel buddy sounds like the most amazing thing for many. Exploring new towns with your best friend could turn out to be the most fun times ever, though it can get complicated sometimes.

Although I prefer solo travelling, I like sharing travel experiences with friends as well. And so I've compiled three most important things to remember or consider whilst on a journey with a friend you cherish.

Get over arguments quickly.

Traveling together is not always just fun and games. There's always the possibility that something goes wrong for you or your companion. The fight factor depends on the "stress tolerance" from each of you, and on how easily you want to laugh the arguments off.

Get over arguments quickly. You don't want to stay salty for the whole journey and that can be super draining for both of you. Get over little misunderstandings and even try to swallow your pride or forget about that tiny inconvenience that annoyed you so much a second ago.

Be honest.

Be open and honest about things you want or do not want to do during your stay, about things that bother you and really anything that you feel like your travel buddy should know. It's about making the experience great for both of you and both of your feelings should be considered.

Compromise about everything.

You're not solo travellers at this point so you've got to compromise about things like food, shopping, other activities. If you don't want to do something that the other desperately wants to do, you can either do it for your friend's sake or go different paths that day and agree on meeting at some point after that.

What do you do when travelling with your best friend? Tell me about your experiences below!

Until then – stay adventurous,

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