Things To Remember In London


After returning from an eventful week in London during Easter with Lu Ann, I recollected some things that you should definitely remember while being in London. Hope these help for your next journey over!

1. Keep enough cash to top up your Oyster card. There are top up stations where you can pay with card but they're often on site in the ratio of 1:3 so if there's a queue, you're better off paying with cash.

2. The Visitor Oyster card is the one to go for, you won't be charged more than 6 pounds 50 per day and you can travel around as much as you want. Keep in mind that the National Railroad is not included here and implies more costs on top of your daily limit.

3. Honestly, do not stress about the tipping (at restaurants, etc.)! The tip is usually already included in your bill and you can choose not to pay it or to pay even more than the given amount.

4. If you want to save money and don't really want to spend 30 pounds on a double decker bus tour (even though that's pretty amazing), get yourself on a regular bus and hop off wherever you want and hop into the next one. Definitely an easy alternative to bus tours.

5. You don't actually have to download all those tube maps onto your phone. Free the storage space for pictures and videos instead, there are maps at the tube stations anyway!

6. As you may know, the cars drive on the left in the UK. The countless times I've almost been run over is haunting me. To ensure you cross the road safely, only use designated crossings, really, and take note of the signs written on the ground indicating "look right" or "look left".

7. Only look for free WiFi in Starbucks and popular locations, e.g. Leicester Square. The best and the strongest one that actually worked was O2 WiFi.

8. Eat where the locals eat. There's really no need to wait in line for hours, even if the hype may be justified. Walk a little further and you'll find a lovely place to lunch or dine at anyway.

9. If you're a Vintage (clothes) freak like me, Brick Lane will be your Go-To place.

10. Ditch those cheap grocery store or mall umbrellas. Get a really strong one. UK's rain weather can be hardcore and break not only one but two umbrellas.

11. Most museums and galleries are actually free so what are you waiting for?

12. Walk on the left, stand on the right on escalators. Always.

As you can imagine, I am still totally thinking of London, although I'm back at uni and back to waitressing in my hometown. I miss the speaking posh, I miss everything about the town. But more about what actually happened during our trip, later.

Until then stay dry,

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