March Favourites


March flew by so quickly that I was afraid I couldn't keep up with my favourites this month. But even though it was such a short month for me, at least it felt like it, I enjoyed many many things that I want to share with you.

I spent my first half of March starting my second semester at uni which is still very exciting to me. We have new subjects now which motivates me to learn more. I went to the ITB in Berlin which, if you didn't know yet, is a Travel Trade Show. After that I hopped on the next train to Leipzig where a book convention took place. I was able to connect with friends there that I felt disconnected with for a long time.

The second half was spent in London, at least for a week during Easter, with Lu Ann. Dozens of posts about our trip will be coming soon, so do stay tuned for that!

Now to the interesting stuff!


  • The Manual by Eddy Kim is just wonderful. Eddy Kim has got to be one of my favourite K-Indie musicians. His voice is so soothing and that music video is just aesthetically pleasing. So much love. 
  • I made a Spotify playlist called The Missing Wanderers for when I am on the road. I listened to it a lot since I was on the road quite often this month. 



  • Zootopia. Don't even think about calling me childish or whatever because I know I am and I love it. This has got to be my favourite Disney film out there right now. I watched it four times already. Its messages has got me loving the film even more. And the adorableness! 
  • Harry Potter films. After having a lovely chat with Lush employees at Oxford Street in London, I decided to re-watch all Harry Potter films. Love, love, love. 


Started watching Jane The Virgin and it's such a cute show. Hilarious and addicting.


I bought and read Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children because I saw so many people writing about it. It was definitely worth the read, I finished it on two days because I couldn't keep my eyes off of it.


Lush products. I have used Lush products before but stuck to the bath bombs, just because I didn't take care of my skin or hair too much so it was like whatever. But after going to the biggest Lush store in the world in London on Oxford Street, I became a huge fan. I had my hair done there and tried out some make up products. I fell in love with how my hair looked and smelled after leaving it under a coat of hair mask. The incredible smell lasted so long, I still have it in my hair as I write this and I've had plenty of hair washes since then.


I recently purchased a wireless bluetooth keyboard from Fintie for my Samsung Galaxy Tab E and cannot stop using it. It came with a light blue protection case and I just love carrying my tablet around now. It is so handy for me since I don't always want to bring my laptop. I can quickly jot down notes and ideas and I absolutely love that.


I've been outlining a new story of mine and doing some writing in general for my Wattpad books. I've been on the search for great apps that would help me organise my thoughts and plot lines. Until I found Mindly which is a mind-mapping app. I don't usually like the look of plain mind-maps but this app is amazing and so pretty so it is fun for me to work with it. It reminds me of Prezi presentations which I love. 

I also grew tired of writing on Google Docs or Pages so I was really happy when I found the Jotterpad app for Android (I have an Android tablet so I'm writing on there). Everything on there can be backed up on Dropbox which was an important feature to me. 

What were some of your favourites? Have you heard of these products before? 

Until then, stay tuned,

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