A College Girl's Morning Routine


Cozy light I wake up to each morning. Might still be asleep, though.
After living through the first semester at a private college I've eventually managed to craft myself a routine that I like to stick to. I'm usually not all that for fixed routines but I definitely like to stick to one in the morning because, well, I tend to forget stuff when I'm basically sleepwalking.

Wakey wakey

– My phone rings me awake at 6 or 8, depending when my first lecture starts. How did I manage to get up at 6 and earlier in the morning when I was still in High School? I can't explain. 
– Now, how do I manage to get up without throwing my phone against the wall? Easy answer: I just don't throw my phone against the wall and scroll through my social media stuff on my phone first. I kind of do this so I won't fall asleep again and to wake me a little. 
– I make my bed so I won't just slip back in.
– I get my bagpack or any other bag I'm going for for the day and put it on my newly made bed. It signals that it's a new day and I have to start it now by putting my books in there. Don't. Think. About. Sleep.
– I turn on my Spotify morning list on Shuffle first thing. Can't go a day without starting it with the right music.

Stay hydrated!

– I need to refill my water bottle. I usually leave the house with a refillable bottle that I can refill anywhere. Saves me loads of money on the six-packs of water bottles from the supermarket every few days.
– I drink a whole glass of water and take my medication and pill. Something about a huge glass of water feels like a huge energy boost in the morning.
– I do some yoga exercises on my mat, then head to the bathroom. I've always brushed my teeth before eating breakfast and I've heard people saying it's weird but I mean, here's proof why it's good to brush them before eating!
– I get my hair up in a bun and wash my face with cold short splashes.

My gallery wall and mirror. Paintings on old newspaper. 

Make your face

– I get my moisturizer on and get my make up done.
– And the hair? Well, that's a funny story. I just go with what it's doing that day.
– I usually had my clothes sorted for the next day the night before but let's face it, I'm a college girl who lives on her own now, I get lazy and forget. Nowadays I just stand before my wardrobe each morning and throw on whatever because, it's just a lecture after all. I mostly go for the casual style.

Desk area. Where I study (or don't). 

Eggs and Bakey

– I do make sure to eat something each morning, I can't understand how a human being can start a day without having had breakfast. I'll feel tired and maybe even nauseous.
– I prepare my lunch box, mostly I've prepared it the evening before, though, because I don't always have time in the morning. Duh.
– And then I go out the door. Maybe even bring some trash with me to toss it right out. With my keys in my hand, I lock the door behind me. I plug my earphones into my phone and play Spotify once again. 

And that's really it, folks. What does your morning routine look like? What do you do differently? 

Until then – stay awake,

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