When I was at the Travel Trade Show in Berlin


It's been a while! That is partly because I've been working my butt off, getting back into uni since my second semester just started and been on the road, pretty much. 

The most exciting event that I could tell you about is the travel trade show at the Messe Berlin, the ITB 2016. You might have heard of it before but I have actually never been to the ITB before until my class signed up for it. And boy, was it fun. It was exhausting, not going to lie, but really freaking awesome and therefore, definitely worth it. 

What did I do there? 

I stayed at the Pegasus Hostel with five of my class mates that I am closest with and we stayed for three days. (Three guys and three similarily crazy girls in one room – yeah, it was chaotic.) We met up with our professor early in the morning after getting to the Messe in completely filled undergrounds and trams and then seeked to trawl the halls of Berlin's huge exhibition centre that was divided into halls that each held exhibitions about another country. There was every single spot on the earth that you could think of which lets you know – it was HUGE. 

Our three days long visit included a lot of walking, picking up (way too many) freebies, talking with mutuals, eating foreign snacks, participating in contests, saving contacts, attending lectures, getting to know big or small travel companies and sealing connections for future job opportunities. Also, I got to meet lovefromberlin's Rae shortly, who is just as gorgeous and lovely in real life.

The experience of seeing and discovering so many different places and cultures was overwhelming to me, especially when I got home and unpacked a whole luggage full of the "souvenirs" that I had picked up. If you ever get the opportunity to check out the ITB, I definitely suggest going! Especially when you are interested in new places to travel to and if you're interested in finding a job in this kind of industry. Just make sure you've got time on your hands because you simply cannot see everything in one day. Make appointments with your preferred agents beforehand and enjoy a really fun trade show. 

And do. get. in. early! :-)

Until then – stay curious,

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