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My sight is bad. It really is. I mean, I did live without glasses for the past 18 years and did notice that my eye sight wasn't too great, but I somehow managed to live without glasses anyway. Was it because I was too lazy to go to the oculist? Or was I afraid I would look awful with glasses? I guess there were a few reasons why I dreaded getting glasses – until I got into college and sat in the fourth row and struggled with seeing the board.

I decided to finally get my eyes checked and buy some glasses. I was so embarrassed when I sat at the optician's and she asked me how I managed to even walk on the streets without glasses. She told me that it was so bad that I should be seeing everything super blurry. I just shrugged my shoulders and went, "I don't know, I manage well, actually. Just uni and work gets hard without the sight."

And then I got my first pair of glasses. Of course I had to make sure the frame fit my face. And then I walked out of the store and saw the world with completely new eyes. I got dizzy on the first day but I never knew I was able to see the world this clearly once. It was mind-blowing to me and I think I'm not the only one feeling that way. You get used to your bad eyesight that you don't feel the need to change something about it and just go with what you have.

This month I was lucky to get myself a new pair of glasses from Firmoo. Firmoo is an international optical store, offering lots of different glasses. Now, purchasing your pair of glasses can feel tricky because well, you can't really try them on. But the site has this amazing feature where you can choose a picture of yourself or someone with a similar face shape and hit a "Try on" button which lets you see how it would look like!

Now, it was important to me that the glasses didn't keep sliding down my nose. My first pair of glasses was that way and it annoyed the hell out of me. I spent a day with the glasses before I sat down and wrote this review. I received my glasses within a week (because I chose FedEx as delivery option) and got a really cute glass case with them. I mean look at the motive of a map on it! You can imagine I already fell in love when I saw the case itself.

The glasses themselves fit my face perfectly, as I was hoping. No fidgeting, no fixing every two minutes. Hallelujah, I'm really satisfied with that. Seriously, this is a huge deal to me. Comfort is important.

If you'd like to get yourself a new pair, this 15% OFF discount is for you! Definitely worth a peek: These cat eye glasses!

Until then – stay awesome,

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