My Packing List For A 2-10 Day Long Trip (Light packing, Carry–On Only)


You're going on a few-days-long or weekly trip? There's no need for much baggage. There's a few things you can do to keep your packing as light as possible, and maybe even fit it into the 10kg carry-on baggage for your flight!

First of all, here's an app that I recommend for making packing lists on your phone or tablet: PackPoint. But I also like to use my favourite of all time: Wunderlist!

Packing light isn't that hard (really!) – the secret is to be more minimalistic and only pack what you really need!

For my upcoming five-day-trip to London with my best friend and ultimate travel companion Lucy, I've taken care of following things:

The bare necessities

What you will definitely need:
  • a luggage tag or ribbon to identify your stuff easier
  • your travel documents
  • copies of your travel documents
  • print-outs of your travel details (or just pictures will work, too) 
  • noise blockers such as ear plugs, earphones
  • a day bag or backpack
  • medication, pills, vitamins (whatever you need at home you will need away!)
  • bandaids, plasters just in case
  • empty water bottle to fill up at water fountains after passing security


  • face cleanser / make up remover
  • towel
  • hand creme (small)
  • toothpaste (small), toothbrush
  • lady stuff for that time of month
  • mini hand sanitiser
  • shower gel, shampoo (small or use freebies at the hotel)
  • deodorant


  • moisturizer
  • BB-cream
  • concealer
  • eyeliner
  • mascara
  • lip balm, lip stick
  • make up remover / face cleanser


  • 1x pair of comfortable shoes
  • 1x pair of fancy shoes for fancy events
  • a hat or beanie
  • a scarf
  • 5x undies (wash them in the sink on rotation)
  • 5x pair of socks (same as undies)
  • 1x bra
  • 2x different trousers 
  • 1x shorts or skirt
  • 1x singlet top (can be layered)
  • 2x shirts / different tops
  • 1x sweater
  • 1x jacket or coat


  • pair of shades
  • glasses


  • your phone, duh
  • phone charger
  • film camera or digital camera
  • camera charger
  • tablet or laptop if necessary 
  • tablet or laptop charger
  • adapter if necessary 
  • power bank 

Now to the packing technique + hacks

  • travel documents, personal documents, money purse, maps, laptop, camera, necessary cosmetics in your handbag 
  • rolling your clothes saves space and reduces wrinkles
  • using the inside of shoes as storage space for undies and socks 
  • all chargers in a glass case or pouch
  • dirty shoes in a shower cap 
  • if you bring a razor: binder clips protect the head of the razor
  • keep hair clips in tic tac containers
  • use pen spring to protect chargers from bending and breaking

What do you pack for short-term trips? Let me know in the comments! 

Until then – stay safe,

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