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The day has only got twenty-four hours and those can be an anxiety awakening number because how the beep are you going to get all that stuff done?

We don't always feel motivated to take actions and I personally catch myself procrastinating until there is not enough time left anymore. I don't really know why I do that to myself. Over the years I've picked some habits, over the past few weeks filled with exams I've learned a few more – to stay productive and get more stuff done than I thought I could fit into my daily schedule.

1. Stop procrastinating!

This is especially hard for many people because it is just so easy to believe the illusion that there is still enough time to get everything done and gosh, I can just lay back and watch TV and do nothing for now. And whoop, where did the last 6 hours go? There's still a bulk of sh-t to do. What now? Stress out!

Preventing this exhausting and frustrating procedure might be easier than you think. James Clear has got me taken aback with this mind-blowing article about the 2-Minute rule:

Tell yourself:"If it takes less than two minutes, then do it now."

If you're dreading studying or writing, just push yourself to at least read or write for two minutes. Once you've started, you'll keep going. Oftentimes you just need the slightest push.

2. Keep your tasks in one place!

There are planners, journals, calendar and to-do-list apps – it is best to keep all of your tasks in one place and add tasks as soon as you get them. If you are forgetful, add minor tasks as well. Ticking off To Do's is so satisfying – you will want to be productive.

3. Tackle bigger projects first!

Bigger projects are dreaded the most usually. That is probably because the thought of it weighs on your mind with a fair amount of anxiety. You just think it's too much to deal with but it's not. You just have to get started. Divide the tasks into smaller tasks, sort them, organise them into your daily schedule and stick to the schedule to stay in track with the time before the deadline. The project is much easier to deal with if you tackle it step by step.

4. Relax when you're finished!

Treat yourself after your busy schedule. Switching off is super important and increases productivity the next time you need it. Forgetting about your assignments by going out with friends will of course help as well. 

5. Your work space is important as beep!

De-clutter your workspace from time to time. Keep it tidy – seeing organisation will keep your mind organised. Personally I cannot start studying if my desk isn't tidy yet. Plus, there's some advice that I need to give to everyone: Don't let your bed and your desk merge. I am serious. I used to stay in bed to study, though various studies have shown that your brain gets used to studying mode whilst you're in bed and make it harder to go to sleep. And nothing should get in-between you and a good night's sleep. 

6. Prioritise!

Set goals and work accordingly. Have everything you need ready and concentrate on one task at a time. Remember to work, not try to run with your project. Plan to do lists for every and each day. Stick. To. Them. 

7. Block distraction!

Meaning your phones, laptops, tablets should be kept far away from you until you're done with your assignments. If you have to work with your laptop, get Cold Turkey (a program that blocks websites). Forest works well with phones. 

8. Start your day early!

This sounds problematic, at least for those who like to sleep in, but personally I would resist the urge to stay in bed if I have to get a lot done. Once you're up and working, it doesn't feel that draining anymore. I realized that I am never as productive as I am in the morning, I'm also a morning study bee rather than a night owl. 

9. Don't overwork yourself!

If you're doing an assignment late at night, this app called F.lux automatically adjusts the colour of the screen (you won't really notice it) so it is easier on the eyes. It also makes it easier for you to go to sleep because the colour tells your brain that it's time to go to bed, according to this study

How do you stay productive?

From a girl who still stresses after exams,

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