How I practice Buddhism in my daily life

2/19/2016 Dresden, Germany

Before I start with how I practice Buddhism in my daily life, there's a book I'd love to recommend to anyone interested in Buddhism or even practicing it. It's called "Sit Happens" and was written by Timber Hawkeye, who's the head of the Buddhist Boot Camp.

1. I don't let my fears hinder me. 

Every time I feel fearful or panicky about something, I would go deeply inside of me and try to find the roots of my fear. Finding the reason and thinking it through helps me work on my fear and live with it and possibly find compromise or a solution so it won't stop me from living my life anymore.

I know living fearlessly isn't possible. But taking restrictions from my life is. I'm just trying to make it work.

2. I take control over my decisions. 

I am way too quick when it comes to decisions – whether it's the shopping urge or other little decisions in my daily life – I now know to give myself time before acting on whatever I'm deciding on. So whenever an offer is right in front of me, I go through pros and cons and rational consequences in my head, and then decide. I should probably buy this camera later on and save for an upcoming trip instead. I should wait until the sales come around before purchasing this item. I should find cheaper alternatives before going for this one. Do I really need this tablet?  

Bigger decisions take longer and it's okay. I don't let others or myself rush me into decision making because my decision could be crucial. I make the decisions. I pay for the consequences.

3. I stop and clap for myself. 

Once in a while, in the midst of life's craziness, I remind myself to stop and breathe for a few minutes to appreciate life itself and recognise my own success and good doings. We all know we'll never be "done" or at a "finish line" where we will eventually dissociate into eternal bliss. So it's even more important to embrace the steps that we take along the way. 

4. I do not wish for more good things but for less bad things.

Imagine your life was a cake and you were the one baking it. Putting more sugar on it doesn't necessarily make it better, it might even ruin it. I just think that if I'm not content with my life, I don't necessarily need to get myself more good things to make it better, but rather than that, I just need to subtract the negative things or people from it. 

5. I learn from my mistakes. 

Making mistakes is okay and nobody should beat themselves up for one over and over again. It's what makes us human and it's what makes us become wiser. And that tumblr quote that says "Everyone deserves second chances, just not for the same mistakes" is true to me. I want to learn from my mistakes and never make them again. Making a mistake for the second time isn't a mistake anymore, it's a decision. 

6. Kindness. Always.

I am making it a habit to be kind to myself and others and love my neighbours unconditionally, even if they don't live according to my personal preferences and attitude in life. 

7. Communicate.

It's a no-brainer probably but communication is the key to a human relationship. You don't know 100% unless you manage to get the lid off of other people's hearts. Understanding one another and being open and honest is the most important connection. And so incredibly healthy. 

8. I don't wait for the 31st December to change my ways.

You see, I don't need to wait at all. If I want to be a better person, I can start working on myself anytime. Life is short after all. 

9. I see everyone as my teacher.

Every person that comes into my life brings a new lesson, either positive or negative. Or just a confirmation. And I don't want to push people away who don't share my view. The horizon should be so wide.

10. No Golden Rule for me. 

Rather than that I will treat others as if they were about to die. I know how it feels like to have regrets towards a loved person who suddenly leaves. 

I'm excited to share more Buddhism related posts with you guys in the future (I know you've been requesting this since I first told you I was a Buddhist). 

Until then – stay kind,

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