February Favourites


This month has rushed so much, am I the only one feeling that way? It literally feels like I've been sitting in a shell, just letting time pass by. And although I've been working, writing, planning a lot, I feel as if I just laid in bed all month.

Maybe it's because I'm at my Mum's house this week and she's been spoiling me since I haven't been back here for a month.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful February, great travel memories and maybe even a really cute Valentine's Day date (mine was a girl friend from work, we sat and ate some Gamberetti e spinaci and talked till it got late)!

I did neglect the monthly letters the past few months and I've got to say that I totally ditched the term and am just going with Monthly Favourites now. Just for side information.


So I'm thinking the traveling has began for many of you out there! I heard some of you were going to Greece in the spring time, some were planning on visiting Italy. Lu and myself are currently planning our trip to London as well and the excitement has officially set in. Now it doesn't come to a surprise that I did look up some stuff to find a few hacks or great advice from travel blogs out there that could come in handy.
  • Useful and inspirational travel books here.




  • This look book video is the most aesthetically pleasing video I've ever watched.


Someone suggested that I'd watch the film "An Education" and I was so intrigued, I decided to watch it. It is amazing.


  • Binge watching Orphan Black from the start because why the hell haven't I watched it before?
  • Freaking out watching How To Get Away With Murder
  • Teen Wolf, you're too good to me this time


Although I didn't have much time to read books, I absolutely enjoyed re-reading Me Before You which is out in theatres soon, and Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. So thrilling!

What did you enjoy this month? Let me know in the comments! 

Until then – stay awesome,

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