Resolutions to be more adventurous this year


One of my top 3 resolutions for this year is to be more adventurous. Now that I've moved away and am constantly being exposed to new stuff, I find it very exciting. I've been hiding at home for too long. I want to get out there, see things. And to be honest, to be more adventurous doesn't mean stepping out too far and investing much money. There are a few very simple steps. Here they are.

Try new activities.

A small step into something new can be huge life changer. Don't stay in your own routine, switch things up a bit. Maybe you've never been climbing. Maybe you haven't hiked in a while. Don't be shy of new things! 

Try new foods.

There's so many delicious meals out there waiting for you. If you're a foodie, you might be doing this already. If not, you should go looking for a new favourite meal! 

Go somewhere every weekend.

Be a tourist in your own town. Get in the car and drive somewhere new, get on the train and let it take you to new places. You don't need to go to a whole other country to discover something new. 

Spend more time outside.

Don't dwell inside for so long. I know, it's tempting to stay in bed and watch TV shows all the time. I know how tempting it is, I am guilty of this myself! But make it a duty to spend time outside for a few hours in a week. Doesn't matter if you'll do it on your own or go out with friends. Staying home all day can make you feel lonely and disconnected. 

Learn a new skill / language.

Try painting or writing, learn how to play the piano, learn how to cook and bake! I'm currently learning Korean just because I want to understand a few more words than the ones that stuck with me while listening to EXO and watching the famous sappy K-Dramas. There's so much you can learn and try out. And I'm sure it won't hurt you.

Read more.

Reading is great. I mean, all those different worlds that you dissolve in by reading page for page can be not only fascinating but inspirational! If you're not the type for fiction, maybe try non-fictional books, biographies, geographic and tourism based books. 

Book a last-minute trip somewhere.

Once in a while you can definitely do this. If you have the opportunity, grab it. Why not? Adventure awaits you everywhere!

Go on trips with your friends.

Going out and watching movies with friends is one thing. Going on a trip with them is a whole other level. It's so much more intense and one trip can change how you view each other personally. Going on an adventure with friends is always fun. And fun that is shared is the best fun, as you know. 

Take lots of pictures.

Take pictures. Of everything and everyone. You and your friends will be grateful you did. There are many memories that aren't captured anywhere and it's a pity most of the time. Memories will stay sharper if you have pictures of them.

Learn about other cultures.

To be narrow-minded isn't being ignorant but you could learn so much about other cultures, discover and understand the world with such small steps. 

Try something outside of your comfort zone.

"Your comfort zone is this small and everything you want is out there." 

Meet new people.

Of course you can settle for the bestest friends that you already have. But I found that meeting new people means new stories and new wisdom. You learn a lot through people, too. Especially at 3 A.M. in the morning, with a drink at the bar in the midst of deep conversations. You don't even have to meet them ever again. 

Break old traditions.

Binge watching TV shows until the sun sets? Going eating at the same place every week? What about completely breaking old traditions and replacing them with new ones? Or no traditions at all? Small changes can be big in the end of the day.

How do you like your adventures? Are you going on adventures this year?

From a girl who's sick of the ole good traditions,

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