My morning smoothie


I started drinking fruit smoothies every day ever since my mother bought me a mixer for my first own apartment. I usually mix a drink in the morning, drink one half with breakfast and the other half in the evening before getting ready for bed.

What do you need?

Of course you can take whatever ingredients you'd like but this is basically what I always mix together. The tall bottle is for mixing the drink, the smaller bottle is for containing the other half of the drink that I'd put in the fridge until I'd drink it up in the evening. Be careful with whatever fruit you put in the mixer and read the duration and strength of the mixer beforehand.

I usually start with the fruit on bottom because the yoghurt tends to stick at the bottom and it gets harder to mix it that way. I always make sure to cut the fruit in small pieces so it's easier for the mixer. And there you have it. A very delicious, energizing morning drink.

By the way, drinking a whole glass of the drink in the morning helps me feel full. Sometimes I can even go without breakfast with just that drink. Which is not the best thing, though, you need to have a  full, good breakfast every day! But this is just a tip for those who were looking for another way to help get fitter or lose weight. It worked for me at least.

Getting fitter is one of my resolutions from now on and I'm trying to stick with it. What do you eat or drink to stay fit and healthy? What does your favourite smoothie consist of? Let me know in the comments!

From a girl who likes feeling energized,

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