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This is an addition to my finished Short Story, To Ethan, which I published on Wattpad. For I still cannot put my pen nor my thoughts away due to my undying love for Ethan and Aubrey's story that will remain with me forever – and I hope you feel the same way.
One day this boy will live, under the trees and neatly built houses, in rose gardens and dusty playgrounds, looking towards the sky with bright smiles and hopeful glances.
One day this boy will have dreams, filled with happily ever afters, happy endings, inspired by the fairytales that he thought were real. He will find passion in hockey or football or swimming and he will get assignments in English class and he will learn to express himself.
One day this boy will experience the bad sides of life, the compelling proclamations, the pulling borders, the scary faces of unforgiveness and deadly habits. He will be glad he had decided to do the assignment back then because at times like those, he had nothing else left than expressing himself.
One day this boy will die, not the way that everybody dies eventually but he will die internally, mentally, his energy completely drained from what remains of him that is only a body. Anatomy that means nothing. Anatomy that makes it possible for the human body to function for life – but what does that all matter when the death comes from the inside and the brain is perfectly fine but the mind is out of control?
One day this boy will know a division that has got nothing to do with mathematics. One day this boy will meet people he will detest and other people who he will feel much love for. But the emptiness stays, it lingers and drains every inch of his aching body, a study that many try to understand.
One day this boy will have to tell his loved ones that it is not their fault. It's not their fault that he's feeling as if everything and everyone leaves him eventually, just when he thinks something's going to stay with him. It's not their fault he doesn't feel worthy of good things in life, either because he sees himself as a lingering shadow that is ready to leave the surface of this world or because he came to believe that good things are illusions, just like happiness and forgiveness and smiles.
One day this boy will learn about the power of illusions and that some illusions are more than just imaginative pictures created in his mind to trick him, one day this boy will fight for the ability to tell demons and tricks from raw truth.
One day this boy will turn his back on every single attempt that he'd failed to escape the bitter world.
One day this boy will learn to live in a bitter world with a little less bitter attitude and a little less helplessness.  
From a girl who can't easily put her pen down even after completing a book,

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