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Do you ever feel so jealous of other people who are having the time of their life travelling around? Do you ever feel like the wanderlust you're feeling is literally weighing down on you and pulling on you at the same time that you get so frustrated because, well, you don't have the time, opportunity or the money to leave for an unforgettable trip out there? I have this feeling every so often and it makes me so sad but also so excited for those times to come. 

And it's not even the big, impressive things that are every so often showed on the TV or sung about in the pop songs. It's the artsy coffee shops, the sunsets that are mirrored on the surface of the sea, the wide and long roads in seemingly endless landscapes, the train rails and the city buildings sticking out of the ground from afar.

Sigh. I so want to be somewhere else right now, just breathing in different air, learning about other places, discovering their little pretty secret places.

I can't be the one longing for much, much, much more traveling adventures.

From a girl who can't contain her impatience,

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