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My first month of this year has been fun – but oh, so stressful. I'm still in the midst of exam weeks right now and yes, you caught me, I should be studying right now. But you know, priorities. In this month's letter I just have to tell you about my monthly favourites, solely because this letter would probably be pretty boring if I only wrote about what has been happening.

1. TV Show: Criminal Minds

I'm through with all 11 seasons. Yep, I am. You guys should already know that this show is freaking addicting. And can we just take a moment to appreciate Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotchner? They've got to be my personal favourites of all the time. Because, hello? They've crushed my heart. My poor, unstable heart.

If you haven't gotten around to watch this show yet, what the beep are you waiting for? If you're into thriller, crime stories and mostly the psychological side of murders, this show is right for you.

2. K-Drama: Madame Antoine

This has only come out and there are only three episodes out so far but I am enjoying this show much more than I should. Maybe because I'm hopelessly crushing on cute and one of the most natural actors, Sung Joon, and maybe because I see much potential in this drama.

It's hilarious so far and I do love the main female lead – and if you catch me say this then you must know that I don't usually say this about K-Dramas because I feel like most of the female characters are too naive for my taste.

So Han Ye-Seul is doing a great job as a successful fortune-teller who makes her living seeing through people due to her keen sense. She's the protagonist who is confident, has had a hurtful past but dreams of the ultimate love story.

Her chemistry with Sung Joon is through the roof and everything properly sets off when he enters her life as a psychotherapist who thinks a little bit too rationally. Trying to prove his goal that love does not exist and is mere a crazy illusion created by hormones, he makes her take part in his psychological test.

If I have sparked your interest now, I should probably recommend waiting until the episodes are out completely.

3. K-Drama: Hyde, Jekyll, Me

I'm fairly late on this train but hey, better late than never. And I am not regretting watching this show! Needless to say, the concept of dissociative personality disorder thrown in a love triangle sounds amazing as it is but the acting, especially the chemistry, were phenomenal. And Hyun Bin. Enough said. I have been waiting for his huge comeback ever since Secret Garden was over.

It's not just about the wicked love story between an ambitious circus employee and a at-times-coldhearted and at-other-times-lovable director though, a little bit of crime and mystery is always a great accessory. And no worries, this show is completed.

4. Book: TITLE – An anthology on bad verses

Enough about the shows, I've been reading a lot this month, too! Especially on Wattpad, though there are lots of books that I'm currently reading and loving that are not completed yet. This makes me question why I do this to myself.

But there's one book that I find to be so simply beautiful just because of the raw expressions. It's not a typical story or any fiction book, it's more of poetry. Click here to read it.

5. Product: The Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom

I got myself the Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance mist and the shower gel. I love the sweet scent of this. It's fresh and it's not too intense on the nose.

6. App: Moleskine Timepage

This app is a life-changer. Maybe not literally and maybe I'm exaggerating only a little bit but this has got to be the best calendar app I've ever used. The design alone is already stunning, though it's as perfect and as functional as the paper Moleskine calendars that I keep buying myself! 

This has to be it for the favourites of this month. I am currently trying out a 28 days Tea Tox product so stay tuned for that also! What have you guys been loving this month? Hope you have a wonderful February ahead. 

From a girl who will go back to studying now, just as she should,

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