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All kinds of things are crammed in my mind, now that 2015 is coming to an end. It was one of the most eventful and exciting years I've ever had, meaning big change is coming my way. And although I don't know whether 2016 will bring me more happiness or heartbreak, I have compiled a list, also for myself, to remind me and others what we need to keep in mind as the years goes by.

Do what you love and love what you do.

Time is passing, lives are changing as the seasons go. Life is short and I'm telling you that whether you're 30 or only 12 years old. Making decisions is not always going to be a piece of cake but whatever you decide on, it should be something you know you'll love. And whatever you do in life, I hope you'll love doing it  or else, what sense does it make?

Embrace change.

Change can be your life saver or a curse, sometimes it can be really terrifying but most of the times, change is a good thing. Life goes on and everything in it with it. Whatever it is that is changing for you right now, embrace it. Make the best of it. Not all changes come easily, and yes, you will have to adapt, but trust me, you'll find your way.

Own your mistakes.

It's not hard, I promise. And yes, it will probably wear you down to admit you've made mistakes, but it'll help you grow as a person. And that's great.

Don't look too far into the future.

Nothing is more terrifying and promising than the future. You might have a plan right now and you might want to follow it until the end. But what if something comes your way right in the middle, giving you the opportunity to try another path? Don't plan too far ahead. There are so many possibilities.

Be loyal.

This will always be one of the most important values, concerning relationships between human beings. Stay loyal to your family and your friends. You'll need all of them on your way and they'll need you.

Speak your mind.

You have a brain. Use it. You have a mouth. Use it. Don't wait, if there's something you have to say, say it. No matter how risky it is. Whatever you say matters so don't be afraid to hold it back. Stay true for what you believe in.

Take care of your body.

Duh. You go first. Take care of yourself.

Embrace your youth.

I'm really bad at "adult". And sticking to my youth isn't a bad thing.

You can never be overeducated.

You heard me. The world is so open, don't stop keeping yourself in knowledge.

Take a day off whenever you feel like it.

It's healthy and something you definitely deserve, you poor hard-working thing. 

From a girl who's excited for the New Year,

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