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Hello, everybody. I'm properly getting started with the whole college thing! One thing that I've grown to like actually is to study on Saturdays. Now I do not study every Saturday because I do have a social life and I also have work but there's nothing better than the lightning on a Saturday morning and the perfect lightning is very important for me when I'm studying.

I prefer studying on a Saturday or Sunday morning much more than studying in the week after college or late at night.

Here are some tips for your Saturday study session.

I. Sleep in if you want to. Many make the mistake of thinking that you need to get up at the crack of dawn to get things done on that Saturday or Sunday, when in reality you should really recharge your batteries from working hard and stressing all week. Get the rest you deserve and you'll be more productive in the long run.

II. Set a time to start studying and stick to it. Give yourself a couple of hours to wake up, get dressed, eat, drink coffee or tea first.

III. Sort all of the essentials. The #1 killer of a good study session is not having everything you need handy. If you decide to stay home, get everything ready on your desk. If you decide to go somewhere to study, pack all of the essentials which do not only include academic materials.

Here's a list:
  • water bottle / coffee or tea
  • healthy food or snacks that do not sit heavy on your stomach; gum or mints
  • agenda
  • earbuds
  • sweatshirt or jacket
  • phone and laptop charger
  • gum or mints
  • ponytail holder and bobby pins
  • textbooks, notebooks, pens, highlighters

IV. Choose a study location that is best suited for you. Everyone is different so you'll have to try out some places. Personally I sometimes have a hard time focusing or being productive in the library because it is too quiet. For casual studying or reading I love places like bookstores or coffeeshops like Starbucks or independent cafés. When I need to get serious I'll stay home or go to a study room in the library.

V. Find a good playlist to help you get in the zone if you need to! If you cannot listen to anything with lyrics and find it to be distracting, look for some classical pieces or instrumental stations. Whitenoise sounds like rain or coffeeshop buzz are great, too. Find some examples of sounds here

VI. Turn off your internet! It's probably the hardest part of studying. The impulse to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr is a terrible habit that is hard to turn off. There are several apps that can help you focus and keep off the Internet, e.g. the app for MacBooks that is called "Self Control" that allows you to block certain websites for a set amount of time. Or the app "Forest"!

VII. Set realistic goals and take breaks! Personally I work best in about 40 or 50 minute increments before I go on a 10-15 minute break. During regular study sessions I cannot work for more than 3 hours before needing a larger break. I sometimes like to study intensely for 20 minutes and drink water so whenever I need to get up to go to the bathroom it is a good short break, too. Then I'd just go back to studying. Everybody is different so set your own goals and time and stick with it! 

It also helps to set a cap on your studying. I often pick a time I want to be totally finished for the day.

VIII. Remember that constant studying is NOT healthy and perfect or imperfect grades do not define you. You're more than your perceived academic abilities so don't stress yourself so much and try learning things with joy instead of dread. 

Now let me know about your study routines/ preferences! Do you prefer studying on a weekend? Let me know in the comments!

If you're interested in my Studyblr, here you go.

P/S: I have recently decided to change my URL from HUEMORIST to MISSING WANDERER so sorry if you're confused. Do you like the new name?

From a girl who doesn't dread studying anymore,

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