Nineteen candles


Nineteen Candles is no book, although I feel like I was living one when I turned nineteen. My nineteenth birthday on Monday, the 23rd, was a roller coaster.

The night before was ruined by some boy and I suffered from a pretty rough heartbreak so I spent the night with a very good new friend I made at college and slept at her house. Sel and I ate loads of chocolate which (kind of) helped with the tears and we randomly called our male friends to ask them why men were such douchebags.

They had no answer but the conversations were funny, indeed. It made me feel better about myself and I had a great start to my birthday nevertheless.

Mondays were always the worst and they still are, even now that I'm in college. And the fact that my birthday happened to be on a Monday sounded lame to me, but my schedule was actually great since I only had one lecture that day.

The evening was a blast. I had invited my college friends to have some drinks at a bar and most of them came with me. I even got presents, which I did not expect. It was comfort chocolate, by the way.

The thing is, that evening changed my perspective on various things. Entirely. These college people that I now call my friends are like family. I feel that way every time I'm with them. I'd defend them without hesitation. They've grown so close to my heart and it sounds crazy because I haven't been with them for two months yet but it's true - they're such great people, funny and kindhearted. Yes, I do have problems with some and we probably won't always get along (obviously) but I was really blessed to have spent the night with them.

They didn't get annoyed at my complaints about the boy who broke my heart the night before and they defended me, tried to comfort me. It worked. In fact, it worked so much that I feel like I've completely moved on already. I'm not shedding any tears anymore, not feeling any pain. I simply do not care anymore. And that is really freaking great.

Because life is so much more than a relationship. Maybe I was just desperate for a relationship, who knows? Maybe I was so desperate that I didn't realize how much fun I would've been missing.

Life is much more. It's the silly dances on the dance floor with your drunk friends, it's the bantering with Australian guys at the bar, it's the feeling of being infinite at 3 in the morning as you run down the streets with your college friends, it's the deep conversations and rants and laughable situations.

That was my birthday. And my birthday was a huge eye-opener, a liberator, a door knob and a lesson for the future.

Thanks to everyone who thought of me and who congratulated me (and who was there for me when I was feeling shitty on my big day).


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