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Welcome back to my blog which - as you might have noticed now - has changed a whole lot. I've been looking for a theme that would fit and I found many gorgeous professional looking templates that I could've bought but I decided to get this one because, well, it fits me and the concept of HUEMORIST more. Please do tell me if you like it!

Also, I've brought structure to this whole site which hasn't been that well thought-out when I started. All in all, I myself am very satisfied with how everything turned out.

Now to the actual point: The instafinds. This is going to be a series, yes. And this is the very first Instafind post on here ever which makes me excited because I finally get to share the beauty I see every day on my Instagram feed.

Feel free to tell me about your favorite Instagrammers! Maybe you even happen to know some who post loads of autumnal stuff because I am all about that.

From a girl who falls in love with photographs,

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