Downtown: Louisen Café

11/20/2015 Dresden, Germany

Downtown is a series that will convey all things surrounding the beautiful town I live in that is Dresden, Germany - its places and events.

This Monday I had a short schedule (one seminar at 10:30 that only lasted till 12) so I decided to check out a café in Dresden that I have not been in before. I was also looking for a cute coffeeshop for my homework and to get some writing done.

 I seeked to find one in Neustadt and got off the tram on Görlitzer Street. Walking down the sidewalk towards a music shop, I took a left turn on the Rothenburger Street 43 and found myself in front of the Louisen Café that I'd never come across before.

It didn't show up on my Google search either so I figured it must've been a new one or a really independent coffeeshop / ice cream shop that not many people know about. This cute little shop is open from 9 A.M. to 11 P.M. from Monday to Sunday and it offers Italian ice cream, pastry like cookies, muffins and cake, coffee, milkshakes and tea.

From the stuff I could get a taste of so far I can say it tastes great! It was a little too cold to eat ice cream but I will be back to get some spoons of that, too. And may I just say, the whole furnishing and decoration was welcoming and bright, not over the top and almost mellow, giving a comforting vibe.

The background was filled with gentle, melodious instrumentals that were relaxing but also stimulating. I got some writing done before I left, of course leaving tip behind.

That was it for this review! It's the first review I wrote for a café and I am excited to check more out. I'm curious to see if there are any readers from Dresden or who are going to visit Dresden in the future! If you are, please tell me in the comments. Maybe you could suggest any places I should look for.

From the girl who loves exploring,

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