20 things I learned after moving out for the first time


As you guys may know, I have moved out for the first time a month ago. My new place is in Dresden, Germany, where I go to college, and it is approximately one hour away from home. Moving out was a huge deal to me because I've never been on my own that way. I've never had so much responsibility and it legit felt like stepping into a new life - or really, stepping into my life that has only just properly began.

Let me tell you, I am really enjoying my life as a college student so far. My life is independent (parent-wise), wild (not over the top, though!) and fascinating. I learn a lot from my professors and the people I meet. Moving out is a great thing and has definitely changed my view on several things.

A lot of you might be able to relate. Here are a few things that I've learned after moving out for the very first time.

I. You start to appreciate every moment and every phone call shared with your family and friends back home. 

II. Even if you get along great with your family you will get along even better with them after moving out.

III. Making friends is easier than you think.

IV. You can learn a lot from people and conversations. So much fascinating stuff. (You don't have to travel far to learn and feel "out there".)

V. You will feel lonely but you just have to get out and do stuff, keep yourself occupied and around cool people. 

VI. Not everything you plan on doing will happen and that's alright. 

VII. You will screw up (a lot) but you live and you learn as you go. Don't dwell on the embarrassing things you did and you wish you would've done differently. Instead accept that what's done is done and move on.

VIII. You are not bound to adapt to other people's paths. They have their path, you have yours. And if you don't know what your path is yet, go and find it - even if you have to do that on your own. 

IX. Please do the dishes before the sink grows its own ecosystem.

X. Buy mace/pepper spray just in case drunk aggressive people start following you. 

XI. Always have self-defense moves handy. Learn as many as you can. Again, just in case.

XII. You will need a calendar of some sort for bill due dates if you are likely to forget. 

XIII. If you work part-time and the shifts you get are hard to deal with (like shifts from 6pm to midnight when you have to get up at 6 in the morning for uni), talk to the manager. If they forget to change shifts, talk to them again and again and again. Leave a note if you need to. Education comes first, don't overwork yourself.

XIV. Take time to eat, even if you don't feel like eating. Your body needs that energy. 

XV. Don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry. You'll buy much more than you can consume. 

XVI. Keep your space clean as often as possible. It's just way better that way and you'll feel more organised.

XVII. Buy gift packed beauty products. They're cheaper and come in bulks (or two-in-one). 

XVIII. If you're going out to drink don't take meds at the same time. 

XIX. If you have a uterus make sure you have a heating pad, ginger tea or meds on hand for the pain. 

XX. It's always good to keep track of your working hours and payments so you can control and confirm for yourself. 

It indeed is a lot after just one month! What did you learn after moving out for the first time? Let me know in the comments.

From the girl who hasn't got her life sorted out yet,

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