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Throughout the day, I'm quite the busy girl. Most of the times. I know, with that college coming up and all that, it's going to get a tad busier but I actually can't remember when I wasn't a busy person after, like, 10th grade. 

It's very important to stay organized so I can manage the stress and keep up with what's important while exercising my hobbies and passions at the same time (which is very important to me). Sometimes it's not possible to combine hobbies and priorities but I try my best to do so, just because I need and want to live a well balanced life. I like my ambitions but I also like my free time with friends and good books. 

So as the busy girl that I am, I'd like to tell you about my routine. Maybe some of you who aren't very organized yet or overwhelmed or not used to busy schedules yet can adapt some steps. Trust me, you'll master this insanity! You will survive. Rest reassured.

This routine was for usual days at school but mostly I don't change very much of it even now on holidays. 

The Evening Before

No matter how tired I am and how desperately I need to crawl into bed immediately, I push myself to pack my bags and check everything before I go to sleep. I could never pack my school bag or any other bag in the morning because I would most definitely forget something. 

Now my usual school days weren't those kind of days when I'd go to school, get home in the afternoon, do my homework, eat dinner and go to sleep, no. I'd usually go to the library after or head downtown or have some appointments with my therapist or whatever there is. 

That is why it's important for me to pack everything before I go to sleep, I'll make sure I have my laptop (in case I'm going to use it in the library) fully charged and if not I'll make sure I have my portable power bank with me. I have to pack every book I'll need for the lessons, I'll need documents that I'm going to hand in in the boards, I'll need an amount of money that will be enough for what I have to buy and what I'm going to eat combined, etc. etc. 

I also decide what to wear on the next day and pull the clothes out of the closet, onto my hook by the door. Sometimes I even lay out ready my socks and a bra (sleeping without bras is a must, I mean hello? Boobs need freedom, too). I mean this is a simple thing to do but in the morning when you're all grumpy and sleepy and don't want to move too much? Yeah, you'll be glad you did it. 

Thing is, if you don't forget anything, you'll spare yourself some unnecessary stress

Now this is optional but it's what I do: I shower in the evening. I know some people shower in the morning but I prefer showering in the evening, even when I always decide to wash my hair in the morning after (because it loses its volume once I sleep on it and I like it all fresh when the day starts). When I do wash my hair while showering at night, it's when I want my hair to be curly or wavy on the next day and I'll braid my hair when it's still wet and go to sleep with that. 

Although my alarm clock on my phone is set to Monday to Friday, I always check if it's on; sometimes when I decide to wash my hair in the morning I'll wake up half an hour earlier and change it to that. And then I hop in bed, check my social media (*cough* Instagram *cough*), reply to some people, read something. But I usually go to sleep as soon as I can because you should never underestimate a good long nap!

In The Morning

I do that thing in the morning where I'm unbelievably lazy and need ten horses to drag me out of the bed. I mean, who doesn't like to stay in bed just heavenly ten minutes longer? It's 6 o' clock in the morning, way too early to be functioning. 

Nevertheless, I push myself to get up once my alarm clock blasts through the room. No snoozing allowed, no staying in bed for just 5 minutes longer - because you know if you don't get up now, you'll have to hurry up and you probably won't even have time to get some breakfast before you go! 

When I get up everything is already ready to take, all I have to do is eat breakfast, brush my teeth, dress myself, put on minimalistic make up and make my hair look acceptable. 

At colder days, I put the kettle on and drink a cup of green or earl grey tea to be calm and happy for the day. I pack some breakfast, then one or two water bottles and off I go. 

Throughout the day

So I have rules for myself that I must not break throughout the day. No matter how stressed you are, you should always:

1. Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated. No matter how many times you have to go to the restroom. You. Need. Water. For me it also has the second function: It helps lose weight - and I'm not bullshitting. 

2. Eat snacks that don't make you feel all heavy and stuffed (for me this is chocolate bars, etc). Energy bars, light snacks and even fruit - they'll do you good and keep you happy throughout the day. 

3. Try to be on time. Seriously, nothing stresses me more than strolling around and then realizing that I have about 30 seconds left to catch my tram. Keep in mind when you'll have to start walking to the station, how much time you'll have left for other stuff.

4. Write notes/ use a planner and actually look at them/in it! I always have a planner with me and I write every little thing down, even if I'm sure I'll definitely remember to do certain things. And then I just tick whatever I've already done. It's such a satisfying feeling when you've ticked off the last thing and you know-- you're done for today and you can do whatever you want for the rest of it. 

It's important to jot down what you need to do or start doing on a certain day because if, for example, there's a test next week that you need to study A LOT for, you'll have to plan sooner, which means you'll decide on a day of this week where you'll start studying already so you won't have to stress out during the next week. 

When I think it's too bothersome to have to be taking my planner out of my bag every time, I take notes on my phone. I either use the normal note taking app or I'll use SomNote (a free app).

5. If you have to study or work, taking a power nap at day time would be a great idea. The best time to take a power nap is from 1:00 to 3:00 P.M. and your nap shouldn't last longer than 10-15 minutes.

The Afternoon

The afternoon is mostly filled with homework and studies, revision and writing my books. At least it is that way for me. Often I'd hit the library when I do all that because it's peacefully quiet. I'll plug in my earphones and listen to playlists I made for studying, I'll relax and don't let my phone distract me. When I need to study for an important test, I turn it off. When it's just the writing, I sit down in coffeeshops and let creativity flow.

When I'm home, I'll make sure I make it comfortable - it's home after all. And then I work, study, write, whatever I need to do. And after all that I'd probably cook some meals for the family or just for myself. Sometimes my mother would come home earlier and cooks instead.

And again I'll make myself some tea, eat some grapes, an apple maybe. And when I'm off for the day, I'll grab my blue mat and do some yoga exercises. I'm currently working out to lose some weight but also to stay fit while dealing with all the stress instead of stuffing myself with every existing junk food.

I don't like going to the gym or anything but I absolutely love working out to YouTuber Blogilates who is very motivating and I can say for sure that my body's sore after every exercise. In a good way.

After that I stretch and do some Yoga which helps me find my balance and feel unladen. I've got some inspiration from Miranda Kerr's Yoga routine but have already found my individual routine which doesn't take more than 20 minutes (max).

After that I'll probably be watching some TV series, I'll read the paper (online) and read a good book. Or continue studying, if there's an upcoming test very soon (which I am afraid of if it's maths or physics).

Ever since I've started practicing Buddhism, I started meditating as well (5-10, sometimes up to 20 minutes). There are many different positions and techniques. I will tell you about Buddhism and how I meditate in another post which will be up soon.

And that is pretty much what I do all day every day to stay relaxed, to stay organised. Let me know what you do to stay organized on busy days and if this helped you in any way!

From a girl that is always kind of busy but dislikes being stressed,

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