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Hello, there! Something exciting is coming up for me and I am pretty sure it's the same for lots of people out there. College is starting in a week! I couldn't be more excited - and scared. It is a huge step, going from living with my parents and going to school to living on my own for the first time in a whole different city and going to college where I don't know a soul.

Since I want to be prepared and stay motivated, I've been seeking help for myself and others on the web and stumbled upon great links that I'd love to share with you guys. I hope these help you!


I love to visit Studyblrs which are tumblr sites by people who post and reblog advice for studying and inspirational photos. I have a Studyblr myself and you might know about it already, it is called ardenstudies.

I love browsing through studyblrs because the photos themselves make me feel so motivated to sit down and study. The advice I find on those blogs are super helpful as well. Motivation has always been essential for me to start revising because I can be such a lazy bum.

If you have more questions about the studyblr community, click here. There's also a pretty cool article about us.

General College Tips

"Adult" Things

Organization Tips

Study Tips

Writing Help

Playlists To Study With

Apps & Tech

Save Money

Now looking over all of these, I did not expect the list to become that long. But here you go. 

From a girl who tries to stay motivated at all times,

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