What "Paper Towns" has taught me


As you guys may already know, I went to see Paper Towns last week and loved the movie just as much as I loved the book. I read it about half a year ago and it's still been on my mind. I was so excited when I heard the news about the main leads Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne (I love them both to death).

But this post is not about them. This post is about what the story has taught me. Because I don't understand how some people don't see the genius of work John put into that story. Maybe they didn't pay enough attention but it wasn't unmoving at all; it did hit me, right in the feels, and it did have an impact on me. But that's just my opinion.
Everyone is the same.

Yes, there are labels that are hard to put down but literally everyone goes through the same or similar problems. Everyone's got a story that we'll never see perfectly.

Covers can be disappointing.

It's fairly easy to misimagine and misinterpret other people - even yourself. Once you see people, you don't actually see them. Everything's a cover. People might act really cool and easy going but who knows if, deep inside, they're feeling so much differently?

We tend to like the idea of people. That's really freaking dangerous.

It's easy to fall in love with someone who doesn't exist, except in your head. You find someone nice, attractive, amazing - whatever. You have first conversations, first glimpses, first flirty remarks. Then you start to imagine how awesome it would be if they were with you and you make up all those possibilities in your head based on how your first few encounters went.


You can't truly love someone unless you know them. My friend finds herself in a position at the very moment where she's completely and utterly crushing on some guy she first met at a camp last year. They barely had much interaction. I say crushing because I don't believe she's actually in love. I mean, sure, who am I to judge? She would know if she's in love or not. I'm just saying that all she sees right now is how perfect he is, how perfect they would be for each other.

"He's the ONE. I know it," she said.

What can I say, other than "But you don't really truly know him, do you? How can your statement be based on how crazy you are about the idea of him? He could possibly turn out to be so much different than you've had him in mind."

We need to care even if that leads to disappointment.

I am unique and so is everybody else. And even though we'll never be able to understand each other perfectly, we still have to try and be there for each other. Even if that leads to disappointment one way or another. There's nothing wrong with caring.

"You will go to paper towns and you will never come back."

In my mind, I feel like most things in life have been very flat, too. When you stop forgetting how flat everything is and you buy into the lie that everyone is freaking one-dimensional, you'll live your life trapped into thinking that nothing has any depth, and that nothing really matters. That would mean you'd live a life in ignorance. Which is a horrible thought to me.

I shouldn't and won't let myself living a paper life that has been constructed for me out of society's expectations. Neither should you.

"Sometimes to find yourself, you have to get lost."

The fear of losing oneself and others, losing touch with things around us and becoming disoriented, this is common. I mean, it's a risk to take.

But the way I see it is that there is always a different perspective to everything and there's much more than the rules and expectations set from others around you. Start believing in what you truly, genuinely want.

Expand your boundaries emotionally and mentally and let your dreams and instincts be your guides sometimes.

"The way you felt tonight is the way you should feel your whole life."

I think this is self-explanatory. And I'll frame this quote and put it somewhere. I'll think of it whenever I've stepped out of my comfort zone, even if just for a bit.

"Your comfort zone is only so big and everything you want in life is way out there."

What did you think of the story? What are your opinions on the book and the movie? What did you learn? I'd love to hear from you!

Until then – stay adventurous,


  1. I didn´t watch the movie, and also didn´t read the book, but after your post..I´m sure I will! Very serious toughts for your age..:)

    1. Oh haha I'm glad I didn't put any specific spoilers in this post! :-) Hope you'll enjoy the books/movie. x

  2. I loved how you summarised this. I read the book and now I'm keen to watch the film!! Personally I love John Green books, I think Paper Towns is amazing but my favourite is Looking for Alaska.

    Cristina @ My Cup Of Tea

    1. My favorite is Looking For Alaska, too! :-) Thanks for reading x

  3. I got the book and I haven't had a time to start reading it yet, however hopefully soon I will start reading it. As for the film, I don't want to watch the film before reading the book.


    1. Totally understand :-) Have fun reading x

  4. oooh i need to come back to this post later!! i have paper towns in my room waiting to be read, but i'm afraid of spoilers haha. i'll be back though(:


    1. There are no specific spoilers but I guess it's a better read if you've already read it :-) Have fun reading!! x

  5. I also read the book and loved it.

    Next week, im going to see the movie, Looking forward ;)


  6. Great post! Now I need to read the book :)


  7. After readings this, I really want to read the book and see the film! Thanks for sharing :)

    Sarah x

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad I didn't put any major spoilers. x

  8. Great post, dear! I see what you mean. We do have labels everywhere it's impossible to irradiate all of them because it's already the mentality of our society and is because of the influence of others that created this mindset. It's a sad reality, but I wish it didn't even exist. :(


    1. Totally agree with you. It's saddening! Thanks for reading x

  9. I've read and watch it yet! But, I need to now. Soon :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
    Palming Pebbles FB

  10. I really love that last quote you pulled out! Paper Towns was the first John Green book I read and is still my favorite. I watched the film adaptation last week, which I enjoyed (Nat Wolff <3), but my love will always be for the novel :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I love it, too. Agh, John Green is the best. The book is genius on its own, I adore it so so so much. Thanks for stopping by! x

  11. I think John Green is a freaking genius, because how difficult is it to weave so many relatable life philosophies into one book? I love the theme of expectations, and how everyone is misimagined. We so often love the idea of people and put them up on pedestals, when in reality they are no more than people just like us, and it's so deceptive thinking of them as anything more. We really are all equal, and we need to imagine that.

    I also hate the idea that we are all paper people, living life for school? Everyone's main goal in life is just to be happy, so why do we think good grades and successful careers equate to that? But how do we live life any differently? The whole book is about living in the moment, but we're so used to looking to the future that we have no idea how to actually do that. And sometimes stepping outside your comfort zone doesn't make you happy at all, because some opportunities really aren't worth taking.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I absolutely love your view on this! Cannot agree more x

  12. "Sometimes to find yourself, you have to get lost". . .such a beautiful quote <3 <3 <3 This is so true on so many levels though---sometimes we just have to let go and let faith guide us. It might be hella scary---wait scratch that---it is hella scary---but it's something we have to do if we want to become the best person we can possibly be~ Water the withering flowers in your heart and you will be surpised they might just bloom into something beautiful <3 Beautiful post as always, Hannie!
    She Will Be

    1. Totally agree with you! Thanks for coming 'round, Sylvia :-)

  13. That last quote . . . man, I love it :) I'm gonna print it out too



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