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You're probably here because you've been redirected to this site and you were actually looking for a blog called vanillalovin. I'm sorry to say it doesn't exist anymore. Vanillalovin was my blog for almost two years, I've been on and off with that one like some of you might have noticed. It was exhausting and confusing, wasn't it?

I have changed the url multiple times, was never able to actually settle. I posted every possible thing there. Mostly advice, playlists, flashbacks and similar things (so you new visitors know).

I really tried keeping the updates regularly and being active. The thing is, I realized it just isn't quite possible for me to do so. Yes, I knew what I was getting myself into but I never realized how hard it can be sometimes to find time to be really active and productive with a blog. I have stories to write, places to go, stuff to deal with... let's say life is being crazy.

I considered just giving up the blogging but I love this community way too much, I love writing and sharing things-- I could never stop doing that. It's grown to be a part of me and I'm not thinking of letting go.

It took me some time to make this decision. and I only graduated recently so this is like a new beginning, too. Hopefully I'll be able to plan a lot more.

As a blogger and writer, I'm going to post on my own terms. If you want to know what I'll be using this site for and what HUEMORIST actually means, feel free to check out the about section.

UPDATE : The blog now has changed its url and title officially to MISSING WANDERER.

I think this blog is going to be quite minimalistic. I don't know yet but I don't want to give you and myself high hopes because maybe this might turn out to be a flop.

When I found this pretty design right here, I knew I had to make it mine.

I hope you enjoy your stay! Cheers.

Ce n'est pas la mer à boire (= it's not the end of the world),


  1. I hope you make it in this new blog and achieve whatever goals it is you have. What do you use to take your pictures? They are beautiful.


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